Original Bev Doolittle Art


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All prints are original, signed, and numbered. All chapbooks are originals.


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Bev Doolittle is one of America's most collected artists. Her camouflage art is
loved by art collectors around the world. Through sheer force of talent and
dedication, Bev Doolittle has achieved a status in the art world of which few contemporary artists even dream. Crowded with intricate visual detail, haunted by presences seen and unseen, her paintings captivate the viewer on many levels.


She is often called a "camouflage artist" because her distinctive use of
context, design and pattern help viewers discover meanings which seem hidden
only until they become obvious. As Ms. Doolittle explains it: "I use camouflage to slow down the storytelling in a painting."

These images are not to scale compared to each other. Please consider their measurements to better visualize their size.


Titled: When the Wind Had Wings


This picture shows two individual prints. There is the image, and the words are separate. You can frame just the print or both.


"The original inspiration for this painting is an Indian reservation at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains in Palm Springs, California. It is a way to escape the modern world in these canyons and find evidence of a people who lived with nature in a harmonious way. I was completely intrigued with the idea of creating a painting that visually flowed from left to right and was linked to a written poem that would run directly under it . . . words and pictures, simultaneously telling a story." -Bev Doolittle


Approximately: 48-3/4" wide x 9" high.


$525.00      (Shipping charges include professional packing and insurance.

                   A signature is required for delivery.)


Titled: Eagle Heart


"In this painting, I used the Indian as a symbol for man living in harmony with nature. His belief in the eagle heart is so strong that he is surrounded by its spirit protectors and he becomes 'one' with the spirit, rocks and snow." -Bev Doolittle


Approximately: 16" wide x 16" high.







Titled: Hide and Seek Suite


"Paint horses were a natural choice for 'Hide and Seek' because of the way they lend themselves to camouflage. Besides, I wanted to celebrate the anniversary of 'Pintos.' Viewed separately, 23 of the 24 images are little paintings of pintos against a snow-and-rock background - a feeling reminiscent of the original 'Pintos.' Together, they spell out HIDE AND SEEK. Why only 23 pintos? What about the 24th paintng? I thought it would be fun for people to try and find a pinto that isn't there!" -Bev Doolittle


Composite picture is approximately 25-1/2" high x 32-1/4" wide. Individual images are approximately 10-1/4" high x 14-3/4" wide. 






Titled: Sacred Ground


"In "Sacred Ground," a mountain man senses that he has intruded on land sacred to the Indian, guarded by chieftains brave as eagles, haunted by spirits he cannot see or understand. He feels watched. Threatened. He tells himself that it is only his imagination. But his horse trembles and plunges forward, wild to be away." -Bev Doolittle


Approximately: 15-1/2" high x 42-1/2" wide.


$1,180.00     (Shipping charges include professional packing and insurance.

                     A signature is required for delivery.)


Titled: Two More Indian Horses (3 panels)


"The telling of this story differs greatly from 'Two Indian Horses'. You, the viewer, are witnessing not only what is happening in front of you, but what is taking place behind you as well. Although the format of the painting differs totally from 'Two Indian Horses,' the same two warriors are at it again - about to shorten the chain of cavalry mounts by two." -Bev Doolittle


Each panel is approximately 12" high x 12" wide.






Titled: Sacred Circle


"The sacred circle is the circle of life; the delicate thread that unites all living things. Only man knowingly holds the thread. Of all the animals, only he has the intelligence to protect and preserve it. Only he can be the keeper of the sacred circle." -Bev Doolittle


Approximately: 23" high x 23" wide.






Titled: New Magic


"I love the wilderness and this painting is a reflection of that love. Even the most humble wilderness vista - one square foot of ground - holds immense beauty for me. It also holds the spirit of the Indian." -Bev Doolittle




1995 Collector's Edition of NEW MAGIC that includes the print THE SPIRIT TAKES FLIGHT, a beautiful pencil butterfly Remarque that you can frame together with or separately from the print, and a hardbound book that details several of Bev Doolittle's prints.


The print is approximately 12" high x 12" wide.


$225.00    for the complete suite.




Titled: Prayer for the Wild Things


"If you spend a long time

in a wild place,

You hear things, you see things

You didn't know were there.

In this wild place you might hear

Chief Eagle Feather's prayer.

He is thanking the Great Spirit

for the wild creatures

that share his world with him.

The four-legged ones.

The ones who fly through the air.

Hidden, but near, the animals

and birds

Pray with the Chief but

not in words.

How many creature can you

discover in this wild place?"

- Bev Doolittle



"Real art comes from the heart. In 'Prayer for the Wild Things', I've tried to express my feelings about our relationship with the wild animals we share this Earth with." -Bev Doolittle


Approximately: 31-1/2" high x 24" wide.


$500.00   Sale price



Titled: Sentinel


"The mood for 'The Sentinel' painting comes from a memory I have of an early evening walk I took in the town of Lodge Grass on the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana. It had just stopped raining. As the sun dropped below the rain clouds, it produced a golden sunset and a spectacular double rainbow. I used the rainbow as a symbol of protection - a kind of mystical shield that encompasses the entire Indian camp." -Bev Doolittle


Approximately: 18" high x 15" wide.




Titled: Doubled Back


"This is a small mountain valley. The remnant snow patches clearly show the
tracks of a large grizzly. How long has it been since he was standing right
here, where is he now?" -Bev Doolittle


Approximately: 18-3/8" high x 31" wide.







Titled: Sacred Circle Chapbook


"I wanted to complete the 'Sacred Circle' with this image, because the wolf is the only animal which remains unseen in the 'Sacred Circle' print and the wolf track is symbolic of all that is hidden in nature. My thought was to render this wolf track with great detail, as if it had just been made in the fresh snow. This is a very thin layer of snow and the wolf track exposes the dark gravel, hints of vegetation, pine needles and all that helps to define the hidden wolf spirit image of the wolf that made the track. Wolf and grizzly tracks have always been magic to me. They seem to retain a spirit-like essence of the animal that made them. My idea is to bring that special feeling to life." -Bev Doolittle


Image is approximately 6-1/4" high x 6-1/4" wide.




Titled: Where Silence Speaks Chapbook


The hand-crafted portfolio box contains a collection of loose prints known as an "Unbound Book of Art" based on a centuries-old tradition in art publishing.


The images included in the collection are as follows: "Bugged Bear", "Christmas Day--Give or Take a Week", "Eagle's Flight", "Escape by a Hare", "Forest has Eyes", "Good Omen", "Let My Spirit Soar", "Missed", "Pintos", "Runs with Thunder", "Rushing War Eagle", "Spirit of the Grizzly", "Two Indian Horses", "Unknown Presence", "Whoo!", "Wolves of the Crow", and "Woodland Encounter".


These 'collector edition' versions of some of Bev's most famous images are smaller in size than their signed and numbered counterparts, but every bit as beautiful!